Consideration for the potential environmental impacts of the actions we take is a function of the manner in which we do business. Through the performance of our assets, we are able to demonstrate this commitment via the results we have achieved.

Upon completion Santos Place was Australias’ largest six star building. This fact is also notable for the fact that when we commenced construction there was no such thing as six-star. The Australias’ Building Green Ratings only went to five star performance. When the six star rating was ratified during our construction a decision was made to invest a further $10,000,000 to achieve the new rating.

Since completing the buildings construction, our management of the asset has also produced the highest rating available at the time of 5.5 star NABERS and is now targetting a 6 star rating.

Across the rest of our portfolio we are currently undertaking an environmental performance and improvement strategy, and have already achieved five and six star operating efficiency ratings on some held assets.

From a corporate culture perspective, we have integrated environmental performance into the standard considerations whenever reviewing investment, improvement and development strategies. As a result all of our actions must pass through an environmental filter on the way to being implemented.


In order to create more attractive and enjoyable cities in which we all live and work, the social fabric of the community must be encouraged and nurtured. Through direct engagement and support of various entities we ensure that our contribution to our community goes beyond the work we do day to day. Some key examples include:

State Library of Queensland – Nielson Design Lecture
Recognising the role design plays in shaping the city in which we live, the Nielson Design Lecture is a collaboration between Nielson Properties and the State Library of Queensland (SLQ) to promote debate about the role of design, and challenge the convention of design in the urban setting.

This annual event involves the securing of an internationally recognised leader to provide a keynote address to what has always been a sell-out audience. Supporting the key address has been the fact that speakers’ time has been made available to government planners, educational institutions and industry bodies. This has been provided in order to help drive the focus on and outcomes from the lecture.

In 2009 the guest speaker was Professor Michael Sorkin, in 2011 it was Sir Peter Cook, and in 2011 we are proud to present Bruce Mau.

Australia Business Arts Foundation
AbAf brings together the worlds of business and the arts around Australia. Through information, expert advice and networking events they are the catalyst for giving business a creative edge and helping to make artistic visions a reality. For over 10 years AbaF has helped change the culture of private sector support for the arts in Australia and built the capacity of the arts, business and donors to connect, resulting in private support for the arts has almost doubled from $108 million in 2000 to $221 million in 2010.

As part of our support for AbaF, Nielson Properties has been providing office accommodation as a form of in-kind support, as well as use of our corporate facilities and staff for the operation of AbaF events and promotions. Our Managing Director personally champions the role of AbaF and the arts in general and has served as Queensland Chapter Chair and national board member since 2007.


Recognising the fact that more property related firms fail due to poor governance than all market factors combined, we have retained a stringent adherence to effective governance. Specific actions included in this process include the following:

External Board Chair
Every week the management committee meets to update an appointed advisory board on the implementation of strategies and individual projects, investments and actions being pursued by the firm. The chairperson of the advisory board is external to the business and through this role ensures that while we are privately owned the Managing Director and executive team remain accountable for the long term health and integrity of the business.

Project Management Handbook
Any major expenditure or strategy implementation must go through our internal quality control methodology, which is directed through our Project management handbook. This internal guide requires detailed analysis of proposed options, actions and expenditures. This analysis must incorporate risk analysis and mitigation strategies, alternate strategy consideration and incorporated scenario and sensitivity analyses.

The handbook also provides a step-by-step requirement for reviewing potential actions, a standard format for presenting them to the board and an operational and cost review mechanism to ensure the intend project is managed effectively to completion.

It is used across all fields from new investments to capital expenditures to material changes in operations.

In-House Counsel
Our General Manager and an employee of 14 years standing is a qualified lawyer, and provides in-house support for matters relating to our legal and ethical standards. His considerations help ensure our compliance not just with the law and industry guidelines but also our internal professional principles. These guide our belief that acting with integrity, as captured by our mantra – “we do what we say” provides investors, partners and those we are transacting with the confidence that they are able to deal with Nielson Properties in an open, honest and professional environment.